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Our service fees

Understanding how our fees are charged and collected is a vital element of a good working relationship. 

Our fees are usually based on the time taken to complete the work and the level of staff involved in the assignment. 

However, we also undertake fixed fee agreements predominantly for one-off assignments with defined terms of reference.

The choice of method will be discussed with you and agreed before we carry out any work.

The time taken for any assignment is recorded on a computerised time ledger by staff working on the assignment.  As the assignment is being completed, interim monthly invoices are raised based on the time recorded at that month-end, with the final invoice being raised at the conclusion of the assignment, following careful review of the time booked against the assignment.

Payment of Fees

You will receive an invoice in the post and/or by email, and our credit terms are 7 days from the date of the invoice.

You are encouraged to review the invoice and inform us immediately if you have any questions.  We are happy to deal with any question or query - so don’t be shy.

How to pay

We offer a number of solutions. Please discuss this with your Client Service Partner who will be happy to assist.

  • Monthly Standing Order
    You can set up a monthly standing order on account of your annual fees.  This is a great help for many of our clients who prefer to make regular smaller payments based on an annual estimate of fees.
  • Debit/Credit Card
    Please call our office and ask for Card Payments or request call back by email to
  • By bank transfer. Full bank details are noted on each invoice
    A web site payment by visiting EACA Desk on our website.
  • By cheque
  • Premium Credit. Premium Credit provides clients with a convenient and affordable way to pay for fees. Rather than having to find a large sum up front, you can instead spread the cost by paying in smaller regular instalments.