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Joint ventures and Alliances

Alliances go wrong most frequently due to neglect at the first stage - strategy development - and entering into agreements that contain one too many compromises. We focus companies on ensuring that deals are structured correctly from the outset, with a solid understanding of mutual economics.

We assist clients through several stages of the joint venture process: strategy development, partner selection, deal structure and operating implementation. We focus disproportionately on ensuring that alliances are structured correctly from the outset, with a very clear, shared vision and a solid understanding of mutual economics. At the same time, we have experience coming into an alliance after problems have appeared and supporting management on a restructuring to optimize value for both parties.

As part of our service, we will advise on the tax implications of proposed ventures, particularly where they are cross-border. In such circumstances we can often provide solutions that minimise tax leakage, for example because of irrecoverable withholding tax that could be avoided with a slightly different structure that has largely the same economic effect.

We will also advise of any accounting issues that arise from the venture.