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Reducing the risk of being the subject of an investigation

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Tax Enquiries and Investigations

Are you sure that your tax affairs are in order and you are claiming everything you are able to?
Do you regularly read -and implement -all the tax changes that apply to you and your business?
Are you sure that you are keeping up with the ever-changing legislation regarding VAT?
The UK government has made a pledge to protect its tax revenues. As a result, HMRC is carrying out more and more investigations on both UK businesses and individuals, including high net worth individuals. As anyone who has experienced an investigation will know, it is extremely stressful, time-consuming and costly.
Whether you’re just wondering whether your tax affairs would stand up to scrutiny, have received an enquiry letter about your VAT returns or you’ve already received the most chilling notice of all,  a Code of Practice [COP] 9 notice, we can help.
We will deal with HMRC while you get on with running your business and life.
We specialise in resolving any tax and VAT investigations in the most efficient, cost effective and timely manner possible. We are passionate about defending you within the scope and parameters of the law. Our approach is based on expert tax knowledge, negotiation skills, reputation with HMRC and experience.
How can we help you?
Our services include:

  • COP 9 - special civil investigations
  • Civil investigation of fraud [CIF]
  • Tax evasion/tax fraud
  • PAYE investigations
  • VAT investigations
  • IR35
  • Corporate tax investigations
  • Income tax investigations
  • Employed or self employed
  • VAT special schemes
  • Property VAT
  • VAT on undisclosed takings

Whichever service you use, you can be assured we will:

  • Be non-judgmental and discrete.
  • Rigorously defend your position within the scope and parameters of the law.
  • Take control of the investigation.

Supporting other professionals
As well as working directly with you, we offer a tax investigation support service for your accountants, solicitors, barristers and other professionals, working with them to support you throughout the investigation.
Have a client that is being investigated?

If you are an accountant, solicitor or barrister and would like to discuss the service we offer, please contact us