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Short-term finance for long-term benefits

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Bridging Finance

A bridging loan is a lending facility secured against property for a short term, normally between one and twelve months.
Bridging loans permit true asset-backed funding. The bridging lenders we can introduce you to include banks, finance houses and private individuals.
The Lenders may be able to arrange lending up to a maximum of 70% open market value with a defined exit strategy and a first charge available against the asset. It may be possible to obtain funds where only a second charge is available, but at a higher cost. 
Typical bridging purposes include:

  • Borrowing capital quickly, funds can be arranged within 24 hours
  • 100% purchase price funding for below market value transactions
  • Purchase or refinance property in need of refurbishment/currently not mortgageable via conventional sources
  • Complete property purchase prior to sale of another property
  • Arranging facility using multiple properties as security
  • Complicated legal requirements within property transaction