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We can turn the ‘What-ifs’ into fully-costed scenarios

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Financial Projections

We can help you prepare budgets and projected financials - to help you manage your business effectively and be able to compare your actual performance against what you expected.

In building a model we will need to understand your business and its drivers. We will use our business expertise to question your assumptions and ensure they are sensible, particularly as regards income. We will also check the expenditure to ensure it covers all likely areas. We will also look at the tax implications, and if requested provide advice on how best to structure the business and how taxes can be minimised.

The model can be quickly subjected to “what if” analysis, adjustment and stress analysis which includes:

  • Profit and Loss account
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow statement
  • Detailed commentary and analyses of source data and assumptions

The model can be flexed if events show that certain assumptions were not correct, which will make the variance analysis in the management accounts more meaningful.

We can also help you develop Key Performance Indicators to assist you in quickly understanding what is happening in the business and in decision-making.