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Providing an overview of your competitors to keep you on track

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K.P.I and Benchmarking Report

Are you interested in knowing how your business is performing compared to similar businesses in your sector?

If so, our benchmarking service may be of interest. We can produce a customised report for your business, showing the key numbers and comparing those numbers to other businesses in the same sector. The focus is on profits and cashflow - crucial numbers for every business owner. This is a starting point for an insightful discussion about how to you can improve performance.

Are you finding it difficult to tell whether your business is on target? Do you find it difficult to interpret the accounts produced by your accounting system?

If so, and you have not set up key ratios that enable you to understand what is happening at a glance, you may be missing a trick. Most businesses have key relationships including financial indicators (such as gross margins or debtor days) or non-financial indicators (such as usage of a stock item to production). We can work with you to identify a limited number of such relationships (known as Key Performance Indicators), which are easy to monitor on a regular (even on a daily basis) and can be easily produced by your accounting systems. This will enable you to have greater control over how your business is performing and take corrective action without having to wait for the management accounts to be produced.

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