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Keep your employees - & HMRC- happy with our professional payroll services

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Payroll Services

Paying employees used to be relatively simple in the days when people had one job for life. But times have changed. Now you may have employees who have some part-time employment with another company. You may have employees who are already drawing part of their pension, or you may have a mix of contractors, the self-employed, job sharers and seasonal staff.  With PAYE codes constantly changing, the burden all these scenarios places on your payroll staff can be difficult to manage.
EACA Payroll Services was set up to help companies to take care of all this and more for a fixed fee. It offers:

  • Direct contact with our in house dedicated payroll department dealing with your daily needs
  • Experienced payroll professions who can deal with all questions
  • Secure web based service which means you can access your payroll from any location at a time to suit you.

We offer a completely confidential and cost-effective service for you, dealing with overtime, bonuses and statutory deductions for all your employees from the moment they join you to the day they leave or retire, plus everything in between.
Contact us to find out how our payroll services can help you.