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Tax and VAT Compliance

Need help preparing your returns?

Need help setting up your systems and procedures to generate accurate VAT and tax returns?

Want advice on how to apply for VAT or tax rebates, overpayments and underpayments? Looking for a better way to handle all your VAT related work?
Keeping up with ever-changing tax laws and VAT requirements takes up more and more time for businesses- time you could be spending more profitably, and certainly more enjoyably. But we have a team who can help, offering assurance that your business or organisation complies with its statutory and legal obligations giving you peace of mind that the most appropriate structure, systems and procedures to minimise your VAT liabilities have been identified and implemented.

We offer a complete range of compliance services for VAT and tax for partnerships, companies and sole traders. For companies, our services include the tagging of accounts and tax computations in iXBRL format.
Our tax experts thrive on helping our clients to remain compliant with the tax legislation, thereby avoiding unnecessary penalties. Ensuring your tax affairs are properly managed and up-to-date is one of the cornerstones of our service.

We can help with ensuring you comply with your tax responsibilities including compliance with the filing of Year-end PAYE and NI forms, Forms P11D, and Company or Partnership Tax Returns, as well as with returns that are required in specific circumstances and are often overlooked without professional help. As well as financial penalties for missing to file a form, the omission can often result in costly investigations

Practical VAT compliance support
Whether you are a business, public sector organisation, charity or a sole trader we will be able to provide you with straight-forward, understandable VAT advice. We can help you set up systems and procedures which generate accurate VAT returns, conduct reviews of VAT returns and accounting documentation and complete VAT returns on your behalf. We can also help you to deal with partial exemption accounting and recovery methods.
Already have an accountant?
That’s no problem. You can engage us whilst continuing to use your existing accountant for bookkeeping and/or accounts preparation who may not have the specialist expertise on Tax and VAT.