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Investing in UK Business

Do you have -or plan to have -UK subsidiaries?
Are you thinking about entering the UK market?
The UK is an attractive environment for the international investor. It offers:

  • Least barriers to entrepreneurship: OECD has identified the UK as second in the world for product market regulation. It also ranks second for the least barriers to entrepreneurship and third for the least barriers to trade investment in the world
  • An internationally competitive tax environment for foreign investors
  • Stable regulatory environment: the UK follows a consultative approach for formulation of regulation which is beneficial for a business environment.
  • Easy property registration: Registering property in the UK is easier in comparison to Italy, Ireland, France and Germany.
  • Gateway to the EU market: The UK acts as an excellent gateway to the European market which has 27 member states and an approximate population of 500 million.
  • Leading financial centre: London is the world's largest financial centre.
  • You can register your company in just 24 hours in the UK. All high street banks can offer business banking services with online comparison tools available to compare costs. Financial transitions and government services are easy to manage on-line.

We are a leading expert in investing in the UK. We offer:

  • The knowledge, skill and awareness to advise on the best mechanism of investing in the UK.
  • Advice on the best tax structure of Investing in the UK with consideration to legal aspects and protection of business property/assets. We can implement the structure on your behalf and comply with all HMRC requirements. Our advice will consider all aspects including future exit strategies, transfer of assets and profit extraction in a tax efficient manner.
  • Assistance with obtaining finance for investing in the UK. This may include co-operation with the lending institutions on your behalf, providing cash flow forecasts, projected profit and loss accounts, budgeting and any other requirements necessary to secure finance. 
  • Outstanding client service.