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Self Assessment - Personal Tax Return Service

Do you receive rental income?

Do you have any income from self-employment?
If the answer is yes to any of these questions – and many others regarding income that is not taxed at source-then you’ll need to complete a self-assessment return.
Self-assessment is the way that you notify HMRC of any income you receive that is not covered by PAYE. There are strict deadlines for submitting this information, with automatic fines and interest payable if you miss them. HMRC have a wide range of powers with regards to opening enquires, discovery assessments, raising determinations of tax and requesting records and information.
Due to the current economic climate, HMRC are vigorously attacking the affairs of tax payers and using all available sources of information (including information from offshore banks) in order to generate further income for the treasury.  As it is the taxpayer’s responsibility to notify them of any untaxed income or circumstances which would give rise to a tax liability, it pays to employ a specialist to undertake the completion of your self-assessment return on your behalf.  

What we can do for you

  • Our dynamic and professional service for self-assessment includes:
  • Reviewing all financial information provided by you and apply where relevant
  • Preparing the tax calculation and supporting schedules of data
  • Preparing your SA100 tax returns identifying and making all beneficial claims and elections to minimise any tax liabilities
  • Advising you of the tax due dates and payment methods as well as reminding you of upcoming deadlines
  • Filing your SA100 tax return to HMRC
  • Communicating with HMRC regarding  any tax matters and keep all correspondence records on file
  • Checking statements of account issued by HMRC to make sure they are in line with the filed SA100 tax return
  • Identifying tax planning opportunities and bring these to your attention enabling you to have efficient tax affairs

Whether your financial affairs are straightforward or highly complex you will have a dedicated specialist allocated to you.  

How much does it cost? 

Client satisfaction is a very high priority for us, so we aim to deliver the best possible service whilst keeping costs as low as possible.
Fees start from £250 plus VAT. The actual figure will depend on the complexity of your return, turnover and a number of other factors.
We are also able to quote fixed fees for services in addition to a “charge per hour” basis.

How I do I pay the tax if I haven’t got the money? 

We have an excellent relationship with HMRC and can often negotiate payment spreading plans for our clients. Contact us now to find out if we can do the same for you.

Need finance for tax? 

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