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Working Abroad

Complying with the local regulations and filing the right forms on time is important if time consuming enquiries and problems from the authorities are to be avoided. Penalties are often imposed for those who fail to comply and ignorance of the rules is rarely accepted as a valid excuse.
In the UK this usually means submitting accurate personal tax returns on time and operating specialised modified or shadow UK payrolls (including year-end reconciliation calculations and annual PAYE reporting) for employers.
Social security contributions can be equally important, not just to avoid breaking the local rules but to also make sure that employees seconded to the UK have access to appropriate benefits in the short and long term, like health care and pensions.

There are also issues such as housing and bringing assets into the UK that need to be considered before employees arrive in the UK. If matters are properly structured at the outset it could result in significant tax savings. Often, if these matters are not dealt with at the outset, the adverse results cannot be corrected later
A good compliance record can help to reduce the risk of an enquiry by HM Revenue and Customs. When they do carry out reviews, known as compliance checks, we ensure that these are dealt with as efficiently as possible and that any interest and penalties are minimised.

Working with local experts, our team can advise you and handle all the UK compliance issues