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Funding your Tax

Received a tax demand that is higher than you accounted for?

Struggling to meet your latest Corporation Tax payment?

Want to keep your existing credit lines clear?
Every business struggles with meeting their tax demands at some time or another. It could be because suppliers are late in paying you, or because you had underestimated payments on account. However, whatever the reason, HMRC don’t like waiting to be paid. The penalties –and consequences- they impose are harsh if you miss their deadlines.
This is where we can help. Over the years we have built up an extensive network of contacts we can introduce you to, who can offer finance specifically tailored to ease the burden of payments for any of the following:

  • VAT payments
  • Corporation tax payments
  • Income tax payments

It may be possible to obtain:

  • Funding over a maximum 12-month term (3 months for VAT)
  • The choice to have payment made direct to the HMRC or reimbursement for monies already paid
  • An unsecured line of funding - totally separate from your bank
  • The ability to retain existing cash resource within your business
  • A rolling facility which enables you to finance tax year on year