Selling a business or exit planning

We want to make sure that you get maximum value and only pay the taxes you owe, nothing more.

You have been working your socks off for years to build a successful business, you have made sacrifices and walked the long hard miles to get to where you are today. Now it is time to be rewarded for all that effort.

Traditionally, this would mean either a handover of power to the next generation or the sale of the business to internal or external buyers.

Our team is here to help you calculate what your business could be worth today, identify ways to increase or maximise its value, assess buyer suitability, review your sales documentation, support you in your negotiations and offer advice on the tax implications of your sale or exit.

Our goal is to do our best to ensure that your exit is planned, structured and executed with as much precision and foresight as possible to smooth out the stressful wrinkles of the experience.

Just like everything else that we do for our clients we want to make sure that you get maximum value and only pay the taxes you owe. If you are planning to sell or wish to formulate a plan to exit your company, contact our team today.

Call us today on 020 8445 5500 or email and we’d be delighted to carry this conversation forward.

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